Finding suitable sites for drone operations can be a challenging task for UK organisations. With £65M in investment now available through the Future Flight Phase 3 competition, companies submitting applications for projects should consider Bradford Estates in the West Midlands as an ideal location for carrying out drone research and testing.

Bradford Estates has recently signed up to a Drone Access Policy for three unique areas of their site located on the border of Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Just over 3,000 acres – one quarter of the 12,000-acre site – will be available for drone R&D projects.

The sites feature majority arable land, with access to secure storage, power, and both outdoor and indoor facilities available for drone use and testing.

Located away from major airports and infrastructure, the quiet airspace could provide the perfect solution for organisations looking for outdoor testing sites.

The site is located just 30 miles northwest of Birmingham and is easily accessible from the M54 and M6.

As a forward thinking business, we welcome the advancement of technology and are therefore keen to entertain proposals to use Bradford Estates land to assist in the development of drones and robots. We are happy to provide a bespoke package tailored to the needs of the individual project and look forward to welcoming you to Bradford Estates!

–  Rob Paul, Estates Director

Bradford Estates is open to R&D opportunities, click the link below to see their full Access Policy.

For further details of this and other available sites contact DronePrep:

Bradford Estates
Bradford Estates