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DronePrep is attending the Farm Business Innovation Show 2021

Land Partnership Manager Keith Osborne is heading to Birmingham this week to check out how drones and other technologies are helping landowners with diversification. Find us at the Farm Business Innovation Show 2021.

Farm Business Innovation

The Farm Business Innovation show is one of the UK’s largest events for agricultural innovation. It’s a fantastic opportunity for landowners and businesses to see the latest in technology and innovation for the rural sectors.

The event features exhibitors from all areas of rural commerce. It offers visitors a chance to learn about their options for diversifying. This year’s speakers are promoting everything from weddings to glamping pods to renewable energy.

DronePrep works with landowners to improve access to low-level airspace. As part of this, we are working to open new locations for both recreational and commercial drone use. Farmers and rural estates are beginning to see the enormous benefits that responsible drone flight can bring.

Keith will be meeting with landowners and discussing the advantages of Drone Access Policies.

With ever-growing financial pressures on agricultural landowners, it’s important to understand the opportunities for diversification and find solutions to managing drone use on rural estates. Drones offer a wealth of options for the innovative landowner; everything from land surveying and inspection, to leasing for drone R&D, to opening flying fields for hobbyist pilots. We’re working with several large estate owners who are doing just that.”


– Keith Osborne, Land Partnership Manager

To find out more about how DronePrep is helping landowners and read about the benefits of Drone Access Policies, click here.

The Farm Business Innovation Show will be held on the 10th & 11th November at the NEC in Birmingham. Tickets are free to visitors – check out the website below.

The DronePrep Platform

Are you a landowner looking for a better way to manage drone access? Click here to read about how we are working with landowners across the UK to communicate policies. 

DronePrep Map

UK PropTech Awards 2021 – Shortlisted

DronePrep has been shortlisted for the Environmental Impact Award at the UK PropTech Awards 2021

UKPA Awards 2021

Environmental Impact Award

Sponsored by Osborne Clarke

This is a joint award for a PropTech and Property company that have worked together to implement a technology solution with a positive benefit on the environment. The winners will clearly highlight the problem that is being addressed and will clearly demonstrate the extent to which the solution helps address this challenge.

We are absolutely delighted to be recognised in this category.

Huge congratulations to all companies shortlisted – We’re very much looking forward to attending the awards in person and seeing you all there on 18 November.

DronePrep partners with FPV UK

DronePrep is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with FPV UK – The UK association for radio control model and drone flying. We have teamed up with FPV UK to offer a discount to all members on DronePrep Map subscriptions.


FPV UK was formed in 2009 to champion and protect the hobby/sport of First Person View (FPV)* flying.

From this week, FPV UK members are entitled to a 30% discount on all DronePrep Map subscriptions.

To claim your discount email [email protected] with your membership details.

Not yet registered for access to the DronePrep Map? Sign up now


* First-person view (FPV) is also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting. It is a method of flight used for radio-controlled vehicles which allows the pilot to see the “view” of the vehicle in-flight. It is commonly used to pilot a radio-controlled aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Here’s a great photo of an FPV drone pilot at the West Midlands Drone Club meet up that we attended earlier this year:

FPV Drone flying

Kiplin Hall opens to drone pilots

When looking for beautiful places to fly your drone, this sprawling estate in Yorkshire should be top of your list. Featuring a 400-year-old Jacobean house, lake and stunning gardens, Kiplin Hall and Gardens has just signed up to a Drone Access Policy.

Kiplin Hall

New Drone Access Policy

Kiplin Hall and Gardens in Richmond, North Yorkshire, has recently signed up to a Drone Access Policy. The Policy provides hobbyist pilots with new places to take off and land. It allows day visitors to the estate to fly recreationally from their designated Drone Zones.

Being a first of its kind for recreational flight, the policy requires visiting pilots to register with reception on arrival. Visiting pilots are also asked to hold third-party liability insurance for their drones and to fly in accordance with the UK Drone Code.

Their policy offers a sensible approach to drones, to the benefit of both hobbyist pilots and other visitors. Kiplin Hall and Gardens recognises the benefit of responsible drone use, encouraging visitors to share footage on social media.

“Kiplin Hall and Gardens is a large estate offering 90 acres of land and the lake. The estate has a long tradition of recreation. As a hunting lodge in the 1620s, and throughout its life as a family home, Kiplin has hosted various pursuits. These include boating, fishing, orienteering, walking and trail running, even curling on the frozen lake in winter. When technology advances, so do our hobbies. As a venue we must keep up with trends in how people want to enjoy our outdoor spaces. And, as an independent charity tasked with preserving the Hall and estate, we rely on ticket income to continue our work. Appealing to a new audience of drone pilots will help us to do that. Kiplin’s grounds have a lot to offer, with ample space for pilots and regular visitors to enjoy. Kiplin provides the ideal backdrop for drone pilots.”


– James Etherington, Director of Kiplin Hall and Gardens

DronePrep’s Role

The policy was designed with the help of DronePrep and can be viewed on The DronePrep Map. Click here to register for free. The DronePrep team is working with pilots and landowners to open up safe spaces for pilots to take off and land.

“We’re really excited to share this policy with the hobbyist community. It’s fantastic to see a beautiful estate with a drone-friendly policy and an understanding of the benefits that pilots can bring. We hope this leads to other historic houses following suit.”


– Keith Osborne, Land Partnership Manager, DronePrep

While the policy is aimed at recreational flyers, Kiplin Hall and Gardens is also open to applications for commercial flight. For more information contact [email protected]

The DronePrep Map

We are working with landowners, like Kiplin Hall and Gardens, to open up safe spaces to fly. Check out The DronePrep Map to find other great locations around the UK.

DronePrep Map

Keith Osborne joins DronePrep

The DronePrep team is excited to announce that Keith Osborne has joined us as Land Partnership Manager. Keith will be working with landowners to communicate drone policies through our platform. Find out more about his role here.

Keith Osborne

Fitness fanatic Keith Osborne has just joined the DronePrep team. Keith boasts an extensive career in business development and is excited to turn his hand to a new industry.

From his early days as a professional squash player, Keith climbed the ranks of commercial health and fitness, finding his feet in B2B contract management and learning the ropes of a competitive market.

Keith has worked with large organisations on the provision of corporate leisure facilities, covering everything from operations to marketing to sales over his 35-year career so far.

He decided to go solo in 1998, founding a successful business which was then sold to a well-known healthcare charity, where he worked as Operations Director for several years.

His entrepreneurial exploits also include the creation of a fitness app to cater to the growing home exercise market during UK lockdowns.

Outside of the office, Keith is still a big fitness fan and is passionate about his involvement in triathlons. As Race Director of a Triathlon club, he has relied on drones to capture the best footage during their events.

Despite his health addiction, he is still partial to a slice of cake – a self-prescribed foodie hailing Italian cuisine as his “food heaven”.

“I’m really looking forward to learning about this whole industry. It’s great being at the front of a start-up and living the “cutting edge”, rather than the mundane. My experience with drones has always been very positive and being a part of an industry in its infancy is exciting. I’m keen to see how the DronePrep platform grows. And I’m really keen to find new opportunities to help everybody across the sector.”


– Keith Osborne, Land Partnership Manager, DronePrep

Are you a landowner?

Keith will be working closely with landowners to communicate drone policies to the wider community. Learn more about the work we do to help support responsible drone policies by clicking here.

DronePrep Map