What every landowner
should know about Drones

What every landowner
should know about Drones

What every landowner
should know about Drones

What every landowner
should know about Drones

How can drones benefit me?

Drones can offer additional revenue opportunities to landowners.

To find out more, read our case studies:

Kiplin Hall & Gardens

Stately home increases visitor numbers and online prescence.

Kiplin Hall Case Study

Bradford Estates

Agricultural estate opens to leasing for drone R&D projects.

Bradford Estates Case Study

Bristol City Council

Local authority sees huge uptake in film and TV production flights.

Bristol Council Drone Case study
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What do I need to know?

With over 250,000 hobbyists and 10,000 professional entities flying drones, the UK is seeing a boom in low-level airspace traffic.

The CAA regulates drone use in the UK. Pilots must have permission from landowners to take off and land.

What are the risks?

Many landowners do not have a clear policy for drones and are unsure of the new rules and regulations.

The risks of not clearly defining your policy could include property damage, privacy concerns and liability issues.

These risks can be mitigated by a clearly defined policy.

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How can DronePrep help?

We work with landowners to design tailor-made Drone Access Policies.

Our consultation services include site assessments, policy creation and communication to the drone industry through our web-based platform.


Drone Community

We are the only UK company working with both landowners and drone pilots to create Drone Access Policies.

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Our Platform

We are backed by HM Land Registry, Registrars of Scotland, ESRI, Ordnance Survey and Microsoft for Startups. 

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

We can help you to find the best solution for your individual site, tailored to the needs of stakeholders.

Find out how to register your policy in 4 simple steps

How can I find out more?

Interested in finding out how a drone access policy can benefit you? We’d love to talk.

Keith Osborne, our Land Partnership Manager, will be able discuss your requirements.