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Richmond Park Flying Field

Flying drones in Richmond Park

Richmond Park has a designated flying zone – the Richmond Park Flying Field.

The Royal Parks and Metropolitan Police have produced the following Flying Guide:

Model Aircraft and Drone Flying

The designated area for the flying of model aircraft and drones is a circle of radius approximately 75m from this notice or 250m in a line, if flown in a south westerly direction from this notice

Powered model aircraft and drones must not exceed a wingspan of 1m.

Model gliders must not exceed a wingspan of 4m

Powered aircraft and drones may not be flown after 13.00 hours on weekends or bank holidays

Persons flying any aircraft must be insured against third party risks in respect of the model aircraft, drone or glider and the insurance policy must be endorsed as to indemnify The Royal Parks

Model aircraft, drones or gliders may not be flown at a height above 100m

Competitive flying, launching of balloons or rockets is not permitted

Flying must cease if deer are present in the flying area

By order of the Secretary of State

The Flying Field is shown on The DronePrep Map.

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For more information including Richmond Park’s drone access policy, click on this link: