Getting a Flyer ID / Operator ID

There are two IDs that you might need when flying a drone in the UK.

The need for either (or both) depends on the type of drone you are flying.

Register your drone

Flyer ID

Passed the basic flying test

Know how to fly safely and legally

Responsible for flying the drone(s)

Operator ID

Labelled on your drone

Registration number of drone(s)

Responsible for drone(s)

Flyer and Operator ID in detail

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When you hear someone say “Register your drone”, usually they are talking about the Operator ID. Most drones need an operator ID, but the pilot(s) might need a Flyer ID too.

The Operator ID is like a car number plate, but you can use it for all the drones that you are responsible for.

The Flyer ID is like a driving license for drones. It allows you to fly your own drones, but also another person’s.

Operator ID

The Operator ID indicates who is responsible for managing the drone. Most drones will need an Operator ID. You can use the same Operator ID for all the drones that you are responsible for.

    • Registering for an Operator ID costs £9 for 1 year.
    • You must be over 18 to register – if you are under 18, ask a parent or guardian.
    • You need an email address, credit/debit card and (if necessary) details of insurance required.

Flyer ID

The Flyer ID is like a driving license. If you are going to fly a drone, you might need a Flyer ID.

  • Taking the theory test is free.
  • You can be any age to take the test.
  • You need an email address to register.


Labelling your kit

You must label your drone(s) with your Operator ID.

Class Marks

Drones are split into 5 classes, from C0 to C4. Some manufacturers label their drones with class marks. The classes have been recently introduced, so not all drones have them – if you can’t find a mark on your drone, you will need to use its weight to determine the class.

Drone Class Marks