Where can I fly my drone?

The DronePrep Map is a free web app for drone pilots looking for places to fly.

The map lets you check airspace rules and get permission from landowners.

There is lots of useful stuff for pilots too, like 3D views and a sunlight tool.

Droneprep for Desktop
UK Drone Vector Map

What’s on the map?

The DronePrep Map has layers – you can turn them on and off as you please.

There’s a sidebar with information about every piece of land and its owner.

Check the how-to page for more on each feature.

Why use the map?

Flying rules in the UK can be hard to follow. The Drone Code is a great guide for new pilots, but it’s tough to find all the info you need to follow it.

The DronePrep Map shows the key air and land data when planning a flight: airfields, railways, important buildings, foreshore, green space and more.

We also let landowners register their private land and tell pilots where they can take off and land.


Is it free?

Yes! Registering and using the map is free.

But you’ll get more data with a paid membership.

It’s a subscription, so you can cancel at anytime.

What’s next?

Resources Book Icon

How-to guide

Check out this simple guide on how to use map – there’s a video too!

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Guide to layers

Learn more about the data we have on the map and where it comes from.

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The Drone Code

Refresh your knowledge of the UK’s Drone laws with our quick walkthrough.

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Love the map? Want some extra cool features? Check out membership options.

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Ready to fly?