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How to use the DronePrep map

New to the map? Check out this video for a super-quick run through of the key features…

Still confused? Here’s a more detailed guide.

DronePrep map layers

The map has lots of different layers with useful data for flying your drone. 

You can turn these layers on and off by clicking on the “toggle layer” tool on the left.

Map layers tool
Navigation tool

Getting around

Navigating the map is simple. Just click and drag to move, scroll to zoom in or click on the “3D” button to switch to the 3D view.

While in 3D view, toggle between moving and rotating with these buttons on the left.


You can search for an address, location or postcode using the search bar in the top right.

Clicking on a result will take you to the location on the map.

Searching the map
Map Sidebar

The sidebar

Clicking anywhere on the map will bring up the sidebar. Here you can find geographical information, what3words location and information about landowners.

Drawing tools

Plan a flight, measure distances or just play around with lines and circles using the drawing tools. You can find these in the top right, above the search bar.

We’ve added a “save” feature, so you can keep the routes you plan for a later date. Click the save icon on the left and add a title to save a view.

Map Drawing Tool
Map Daylight Tool

Daylight tool

Check how sunlight will affect your flight with the daylight tool. While in 3D view, click on the little light bulb under the search bar.

Change the date and time, then drag the slider, or click the play button to see how the sun moves over the earth. We find this feature super useful, especially for photography.

Drone Pilot Illustration

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