When looking for beautiful places to fly your drone, this sprawling estate in North Yorkshire featuring a 400-year-old Jacobean house, lake and stunning gardens should be top of your list.

Kiplin Hall

Kiplin Hall and Gardens in Richmond, North Yorkshire, has recently signed up to a Drone Access Policy providing hobbyist pilots with new places to take off and land. The policy allows day visitors to the estate to fly recreationally from their designated Drone Zones.

The policy, being a first of its kind for recreational flight, requires visiting pilots to register with reception on arrival, have third party liability insurance for their drone and to fly in accordance with the UK Drone Code at all times.

Their policy offers a sensible approach to drones to the benefit of both hobbyist pilots and other visitors to the estate. Kiplin Hall and Gardens recognises the benefit of responsible drone use, encouraging visitors to share flight footage on social media.

“Kiplin Hall and Gardens is a large estate offering 90 acres of land and the lake. The estate has a long tradition of recreation. Built as a hunting lodge in the 1620s and throughout its life as a family home Kiplin has hosted various pursuits including boating, fishing, orienteering, walking and trail running, even curling on the frozen lake in winter. As technology advances so do our hobbies. As a venue we must keep up with trends in how people want to enjoy our outdoor spaces. As an independent charity tasked with preserving the Hall and estate we rely on ticket income to continue our work. Appealing to a new audience of drone pilots will help us to do that. Kiplin’s grounds have a lot to offer with ample space for pilots and regular visitors to enjoy. Kiplin provides the ideal backdrop for drone pilots.”


– James Etherington, Director of Kiplin Hall and Gardens

The policy was designed with the help of DronePrep and can be viewed on the DronePrep map – click here to register for free. The DronePrep team are working with pilots and landowners to open up safe spaces for pilots to take off and land.

“We’re really excited to share this policy with the hobbyist community. It’s fantastic to see a beautiful estate with a drone-friendly policy and an understanding of the benefits that welcoming drone pilots can bring. We hope this leads to other historic houses following suit.”


– Keith Osborne, Land Partnership Manager, DronePrep

While the policy is aimed at recreational flyers, Kiplin Hall and Gardens are also open to applications for commercial flight – for more information contact support@droneprep.uk