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Keith Osborne joins DronePrep

The DronePrep team is excited to announce that Keith Osborne has joined us as Land Partnership Manager. Keith will be working with landowners to communicate drone policies through our platform. Find out more about his role here.

Keith Osborne

Fitness fanatic Keith Osborne has just joined the DronePrep team. Keith boasts an extensive career in business development and is excited to turn his hand to a new industry.

From his early days as a professional squash player, Keith climbed the ranks of commercial health and fitness, finding his feet in B2B contract management and learning the ropes of a competitive market.

Keith has worked with large organisations on the provision of corporate leisure facilities, covering everything from operations to marketing to sales over his 35-year career so far.

He decided to go solo in 1998, founding a successful business which was then sold to a well-known healthcare charity, where he worked as Operations Director for several years.

His entrepreneurial exploits also include the creation of a fitness app to cater to the growing home exercise market during UK lockdowns.

Outside of the office, Keith is still a big fitness fan and is passionate about his involvement in triathlons. As Race Director of a Triathlon club, he has relied on drones to capture the best footage during their events.

Despite his health addiction, he is still partial to a slice of cake – a self-prescribed foodie hailing Italian cuisine as his “food heaven”.

“I’m really looking forward to learning about this whole industry. It’s great being at the front of a start-up and living the “cutting edge”, rather than the mundane. My experience with drones has always been very positive and being a part of an industry in its infancy is exciting. I’m keen to see how the DronePrep platform grows. And I’m really keen to find new opportunities to help everybody across the sector.”


– Keith Osborne, Land Partnership Manager, DronePrep

Are you a landowner?

Keith will be working closely with landowners to communicate drone policies to the wider community. Learn more about the work we do to help support responsible drone policies by clicking here.

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Karina Nasretdinova joins the DronePrep Innovation Team

The DronePrep team is excited to announce that Karina Nasretdinova has joined DronePrep as Innovation Lead.


With a background in aviation and innovation, Karina brings a wealth of expertise in the international autonomous vehicle market. She has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the UAV sector.

Starting her career in commercial aviation, Karina found a passion for emerging technologies within the sector. In 2016, she became a co-founder of WATTS Future Technologies. The start-up is aiming to revolutionise wireless charging in both consumer electronics and the autonomous vehicle sector. The goal of the project is to equip all infrastructure with wireless charging stations: from ground transportation to new types of aircraft. This will contribute significantly to the overall development of the electric transport ecosystem.

Karina has worked with a leading British eVTOL company. In 2019 she completed an in-depth analysis of the urban air mobility market.

Outside of the “day job”, Karina is an avid videographer. She is also a keen storyteller with a passion for documentary filmmaking. She hopes to document the progress of world-changing technologies in aviation and to tell the stories behind the projects.

Karina will support co-founder Gareth Whatmore in the Innovation team.

“I’m really excited to join DronePrep. It’s a company which is not just focused on commercial gain, but rather on the growth of the entire sector. I’m looking forward to being part of the innovation team and providing great opportunities to drone companies and eVTOLs across the world.”


– Karina Nasretdinova, Innovation Lead, DronePrep

DronePrep Innovation

The DronePrep Innovation team is championing drone technology in the UK. Working with industry leaders, we are pioneering drone solutions to complex problems. Find out more by clicking here.

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Claire Owen crowned winner of Midlands Women in Tech Innovator Award

The DronePrep team are proud to announce co-founder and CTO Claire Owen has been crowned winner of the Innovator Award at the Midlands Women in Tech Awards.

Women in Tech Awards

Claire Owen was announced the winner at the Women in Tech awards dinner in Birmingham last week.

The Women in Tech Awards is a national scheme aiming to recognise the achievements of women in tech industries. They help to highlight the ongoing contribution of women to the sector.

The Innovator Award category “is awarded to a woman designing, developing, researching implementing, or being exceptionally creative with technology in an unconventional and innovative way.”

Winners were chosen through public ballot and nominee interviews with judges. Claire faced strong competition from fellow innovators from a wide range of industries.

Last Thursday night was an incredible celebration of so many brilliant women working in the tech industry. As a woman who has mostly been surrounded by male colleagues throughout my career, it was an amazingly inspirational evening. I enjoyed meeting the other finalists and hearing about their work and businesses. The support for the MWIT Awards is phenomenal and I couldn’t be prouder to be recognised in the Innovator category.

– Claire Owen, DronePrep

Find out more about the Women in Tech Awards and this year’s winners on the website:

The DronePrep Map

Women in Tech award-winner Claire Owen is the brains behind The DronePrep Map. Find out more about the platform today by clicking here.

DronePrep Map

Bradford Estates opens for drone R&D

Finding suitable sites for drone operations can be a challenging task. With £65M in investment now available through the Future Flight Phase 3 competition, companies submitting applications should consider Bradford Estates in the West Midlands. The estate has just opened to applications for drone flight through its Drone Access Policy. The site offers an ideal location for carrying out drone research and testing.

Bradford Estates has recently signed up to a Drone Access Policy for three unique areas of their site. The estate is located on the border of Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Just over 3,000 acres – one-quarter of the 12,000-acre site – will be available for drone R&D projects. Bradford Estates has adopted a progressive approach to encourage innovation in the region.

The sites feature majority arable land, with access to secure storage, power, and both outdoor and indoor facilities.

Located away from major airports, the quiet airspace could provide the perfect solution for anyone looking for outdoor testing sites.

The site is located just 30 miles northwest of Birmingham and is easily accessible from the M54 and M6.

As a forward thinking business, we welcome the advancement of technology. We are therefore keen to entertain proposals to use Bradford Estates land to assist in the development of drones and robots. We are happy to provide a bespoke package tailored to the needs of the individual project and look forward to welcoming you to Bradford Estates!

–  Rob Paul, Estates Director

Bradford Estates is open to R&D opportunities, click the link below to see their full Access Policy.

For further details of this and other available sites contact DronePrep:

Bradford Estates
Bradford Estates

The DronePrep Map

Bradford Estates is the latest landowner to join our Platform. Check out The DronePrep Map to find other great locations for commercial drone use.

DronePrep Map

DronePrep at the World of Drones & Robotics Congress 2021

DronePrep is delighted to represent the UK at the World of Drones & Robotics Congress 2021. This is our second year, with Co-Founder & CTO Claire Owen also asked to speak at the event on 18-19 August.

This year’s congress will be held both online and in-person at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia. DronePrep was approached by the Department for International Trade (DIT) and asked to represent the UK. We will be joining their virtual pavilion.

The World of Drones Congress and Robotics Congress is the largest drone event in the Asia-Pacific region. Visitors can to see the latest industry developments, applications and policies. Bringing together the experts in drones, robotics and autonomous systems, the congress provides a great opportunity to collaborate.

Following successful trials in Cornwall and Scotland, Claire will be discussing DronePrep’s consortia work with Royal Mail. We will also be showcasing drone delivery for medical purposes and discussing the hurdles to overcome. DronePrep is excited to attend this year’s World of Drones & Robotics Congress.

Interested in attending? Use discount code D25PC for 25% off tickets when registering. For more information, check out:
Planning to be there? Get in touch, come see us on the virtual stand.

DronePrep Innovation

The DronePrep Innovation team is championing drone technology in the UK. Working with industry leaders, we are pioneering drone solutions to complex problems. Find out more by clicking here.

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DronePrep’s Claire Owen Nominated for Women in Tech Awards 2021

We are excited to announce that DronePrep’s Claire Owen has been selected as a finalist for the Midlands Women in Tech Awards 2021.

Claire has been nominated for the Innovator Award, which is “…awarded to a woman designing, developing, researching, implementing or being exceptionally creative with technology in an unconventional and innovative way.” 

Every vote counts in the race to first place – please head over to the website and vote for Claire: